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Stop waiting for friday, for summer, for a boy to fall in love with you. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make something of the moment you’re in right now.

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Running is special. We’ve all done it: well, poorly, focused, in fear, being pursued, toward a goal. It’s just elemental. Running is like fire.
Guinea Pigs, the Zoo, Detox and Interviews

Last week was pretty busy and it was nice to get out, rather then sit inside all day looking for jobs! 

I had 3 interviews last week, and have a trial set up at a boutique this week from one of those interviews which is awesome! I started the Skinny Fox Detox again last Monday and it has been going great. I really like the idea of having something to start and end your day off with so that you can keep yourself in line! I have been doing great with the diet and exercise that goes along with it as well :) I’ve already lost THREE POUNDS in the last week! (Or 1.4 kilos as they say in Aus). 

The weekend was also quite eventful. Saturday morning I went to Sam’s footy game against Hope Valley which was one they were stressing about because they had not lost any games this season after their loss to PAC (Sam’s team, who was undefeated). Unfortunately, a full team and some crappy weather got the better of them and they lost even though they played their hearts out! As the coach said, “we want to come in as the underdog next time so we have that much more to win!”

Then Saturday night was pretty chill, just watched Bad Neighbours and hung out in bed. We heard the dogs barking a bit but figured our housemate had it under control. Then at like 11:00pm someone came and knocked on our door, we ignored it. 15 minutes later that person walked into our house :O so scary! It ended up being the neighbour and the dogs had gotten into their backyard and EATEN their guinea pigs :O:O NOT GOOD! Our housemate, who owns the dogs, was nowhere to be found, so Sam (who hates dogs) and I had to go and grab the huskies (who were all bloody and gross) and bring them back home. We couldn’t put them in the backyard because there was now a hole in the fence, and we couldn’t let them run around the house, so we put them in our housemates room hoping he would come home soon. I stayed up worried about the dogs until 2am and finally around 4am our housemate rolls in. All together a long and stressful night. And those poor guinea pigs!

The next day we went to the zoo!! It was awesome and we had perfect weather, the animals were so adorable. I think I fell in love with the quokka! My favourite animals had to be: quokka, meerkats, red tailed panda, otters, tamarin and deer! We actually got to pet and feed the quokka and deer which made the experience even better :)

I’m feeling awesome today after my weigh-in this morning, and hopefully I’ll be getting a call later today about another job that I interviewed for! I’m also going to be Skyping a friend and doing some grocery shopping, then hitting the gym later with Sam. Sounds like the perfect day to me! We just need some sun in Adelaide to bring it all together :)

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